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Becky Lynch is keeping her beef with Ronda Rousey alive

She never really stopped beefing with Ronda Rousey even when both women were taking time away from WWE to start/grow their families. So the fact Becky Lynch is taking some shots at Rousey even while Ronda is starting her WrestleMania 38 feud with Charlotte Flair should come as no surprise.

The Raw Women’s champ live tweeted along with SmackDown last night (Feb. 4), first commenting on Sonya Deville’s claim she’d spoken to Lynch about who the Royal Rumble winner would choose to face at ‘Mania...

... then reacting after the UFC legend picked Flair as her opponent for April 9 or 10 in Texas:

In the reference to a cold, Spanish soup went over your head, it’s something Big Time Becks has been trying to make happen, a la “fetch”. First in her post-match interview with Ariel Helwani at Royal Rumble. The MMA Hour host & BT Sport correspondent asked if Lynch thought Rousey would use her WrestleMania shot to deliver their planned Survivor Series 2018 clash:

“Here’s the thing, Ariel. She hasn’t done this in three years. I don’t know that she’s gonna want to go into the full meal, you know what I mean? Sometimes you have to warm up to these things, have a little bowl of gazpacho, maybe a little melon ball appetizer. So maybe she’ll go for a little melon ball appetizer before getting into the main course. That’s what I would do if I was her, but we’ll see what she does.”

Then again on Raw Monday night before she ended up wristlock-ed by Ronda, and challenged by Lita.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet hasn’t responded to any of Becky’s jabs yet. But we’ve got a long time until WrestleMania 39. She’s got time.

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