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We weren’t the only ones disappointed Cesaro wasn’t in the Royal Rumble

Cesaro’s entire take on his WWE booking and why he’s struggled to earn a main event spot also sounds pretty familiar.


It’s hard to believe, but less than a year ago WWE gave us reason to believe Cesaro might have finally earned a long overdue spot in their main roster main event scene. A win over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37 propelled him into a well-received shot at Universal champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash. Then... nothing.

Well, not nothing — but it was clear that, like 90% of their roster, there was no plan for the Swiss Superman after he served as a foil to someone from the other 10%. It’s clearly been a successful business model, but it’s often frustrating for fans who follow WWE’s product week-in and week-out. It also sounds like it wears on the talent, too.

This isn’t anonymous sources talking about low morale, either. Cesaro told SI he was disappointed to not be included in this year’s Royal Rumble match:

“Yes, I was. A lot of people would have liked to see me in the Rumble, and a lot of people would have liked to see me win. That would have put me on the next path of my journey. I saw Big E say in an interview he’d like to see me win, and that was very nice. I appreciate the support of my colleagues, but unfortunately, that did not happen.”

Cesaro also admitted that he can take his work, and presumably the value placed on it by his employers, very seriously:

“I do care, a lot. Maybe almost too much sometimes.”

In the interview with Justin Barrasso, Cesaro spoke about how proud he was of his run with Rollins & Reigns last spring. As to what he thinks is the missing ingredients to getting more time in WWE’s brightest spotlights? Regularly being given more time to talk on-screen:

“That would add depth and character to my stories. It would help a lot, and I think that goes for a lot of people, who would benefit from a little talking here and there to show their personality and skill on the mic. It just needs to be consistent.”

Without that, a guy who gets over every time he’s given a chance is left hoping for something he can’t control so he can try to seize the moment yet again.

“It’s all about getting the momentum and riding that momentum to new heights. That’s what I’m searching for right now.”

How many more chances at the elusive (and possibly fictional) brass ring will the 41 year old get? Being sidelined for the Rumble probably isn’t a great sign.

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