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Johnny Knoxville’s crotch had a very bad night at Royal Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble 2022

Johnny Knoxville has been feuding with Sami Zayn for the last month. The big payoff appeared to be their confrontation in the Royal Rumble match last weekend, where the Jackass star was eliminated by Zayn’s Helluva Kick.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Knoxville talked about his experience in the Royal Rumble. One thing he mentioned is that a very sensitive part of his body took the brunt of Montez Ford’s splash from the top rope:

“That was all balls, by the way...I was dying! I thought maybe I was gonna catch it in the chest. But, no. Frog splash to the nuts.”

Corden stumbled over Zayn’s name before asking if the two men genuinely don’t like each other, or if it’s just part of the show. Knoxville did a much better job protecting kayfabe than he did protecting his crotch during the Rumble. Nick Offerman didn’t buy what Johnny was selling, but he admired the hustle:

Corden: “But is this a real feud? Is this a real thing...?”

Knoxville: “No, it’s a real...I do not like this man. Okay, it took four men to get me out of the ring in the Royal Rumble the other night. Four men. And that low down and dirty Sami Zayn kicked me in the face to eliminate me from the Rumble.”

Corden: “Hang on, for real got you in the face?”

Knoxville: “Yeah, he kicked me in the face!”

Corden: “Or like wrestling when they get you in the face?”

Knoxville: “No, he kicked me in the face!”

Offerman: “You know they say making the film is the fun part, but you really earn your salary promoting it...they’re getting their money’s worth out of you, Johnny.”

This interview occurred before Zayn crashed the premiere of Jackass Forever. Who knows if the feud between Sami and Johnny is finished for now, or if it will continue all the way through WrestleMania 38 in April.

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