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Becky Lynch explains what was supposed to happen in controversial title exchange with Charlotte Flair

WWE didn’t put a lot of thought into last October’s draft, and it led to a situation where Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had championship belts for the wrong shows. Therefore a “WWE Women’s Title Exchange” segment was booked for later in the month. During that segment, Charlotte Flair reportedly went into business for herself and didn’t follow the script, leading to a heated confrontation backstage with Lynch.

During her recent interview on Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull Sessions, Becky explained what was supposed to happen in this controversial segment:

“It should’ve been easy. It was supposed to be a straightforward thing where we were supposed to exchange the titles. I grab it out of her hand unknowingly. I’m Becky Two Belts for a second. Then I toss her the title, and then she tells Sonya [Deville] to pick it up. And then she challenges me to a fight, and I back out of it, and I go. So everybody was supposed to get their moment there, you know?”

Lynch said there was a lot of heat in the aftermath:

“Oh yeah. Yeah, there was a lot of heat there. As in, there was a lot of heat there afterwards. Because that was the way that it was supposed to be done. In advance, I told some people that this isn’t what’s gonna happen; when I try to grab it she’s gonna drop it. And that’s what happened. And so, when all of that was going on, I was just fuming. Mostly because I knew in advance what was gonna happen, and I had no way to stop it.”

“It should have just been a plain and simple easy thing. It didn’t need to be complicated. Everybody was gonna get their moment.”

Later on, while discussing how the four horsewomen (Lynch, Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks) have changed the professional wrestling industry, Lynch expressed her admiration for all of them, including Charlotte:

“Lots of love and admiration, honestly for all of them. And love is quite close to hate. And I’ve said it about Charlotte, maybe when we’re done with this industry, maybe we’ll be friends again. But right now there is tension, there is animosity there.”

It’s clear Becky doesn’t believe Flair dropped the title by accident. Becky reiterates that both wrestlers were going to get something out of the segment as it was originally scripted, so it should not have been complicated. But the fact that Becky says she knew Flair would go off script means she was aware Flair did not agree they were both getting a chance to shine.

If Flair dropped the belt on purpose then she is certainly in the wrong for being unprofessional. I understand that a top level wrestler wants to protect their character or spot, but I don’t really see how the alleged original script significantly helps or hurts either wrestler. Match finishes are typically more important in that regard.

I’d argue that both wrestlers look a little goofy even being in a segment where they have to exchange belts. Ultimately, WWE should have been able to avoid this awkward segment altogether if they just planned out the draft better, or booked title changes in the few weeks between the draft and this segment.

What do you think of Becky’s perspective on how things played out with the WWE Women’s Title Exchange?

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