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WWE’s list of Roman Reigns’ greatest WrestleMania moments

Roman Reigns has been the wrestler with the best push in WWE dating back many years now, and that’s meant a lot of opportunity for big moments at WrestleMania. To that end, WWE Top 10 came up with the following list:

10. Spearing Brock Lesnar through a table
9. Beating Drew McIntyre
8. Spearing Triple H through the barricade
7. Powerbombing Daniel Bryan through a table
6. The Shield powerbombing both The New Age Outlaws at the same time
5. Spearing The Undertaker through a table
4. Winning his WrestleMania debut with The Shield
3. Stacking Edge and Daniel Bryan to pin them both
2. Pinning The Undertaker
1. Winning the WWE championship from Triple H

So we can reasonably expect Reigns to spear Lesnar through a table, and also the barricade, and also maybe powerbomb him through a table so that they can indeed live up to the promotion that this is the biggest WrestleMania match ever.


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