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Everyone’s looking for clues of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return for WrestleMania 38

It was just a couple weeks ago that word started getting around that WWE had reached out to Stone Cold Steve Austin about a return match at WrestleMania 38 in Arlington, Texas. If he does it, the word is he’ll be wrestling Kevin Owens, or at least working with him in some capacity.

Owens, for his part, has been running down the state of Texas of late, both on TV and social media. So what about what Austin’s been up to?

Folks are looking for any kind of clue that he could be coming back, like this:

Why else would he be trying to tune up his physique if not to get in shape for a comeback match?!?

Or this:

Two Texas Rattlesnakes getting after it?!?

Or how about the fact that he’s got something to promote in the very same state just days before:

He’s definitely coming back for at least an appearance, right? I mean, come on.

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