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Indie wrestler appeared on both SmackDown and Rampage last night

Kayla Sparks made like Rick Rude on Feb. 25.

She’s not the first wrestler to appear on programs from both companies on the same night — the answer to that trivia question is still Kelsey Heather, who’s Dark Elevation match aired before she showed up on Raw as part of Bobby Lashley’s entourage one Monday last summer.

But put Kayla Sparks in the record books, because she was on television for both AEW and WWE last night (Feb. 25, 2022).

That was her on getting smooched by Angel and Humberto on FOX...

She didn’t bring luck to Los Lotharios, who lost to The New Day. But maybe she’d have better luck answering Professor Serena Deeb’s challenge on TNT?

It didn’t get any better from there. But that’s okay! With the help of a Rampage taping Wednesday night in Bridgeport, Connecticut about a four hour drive away from last night’s live SmackDown in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Sparks is a modern day Rick Rude.

She didn’t get to cut a promo about “sweathogs”, but thanks to Deeb there was a robe involved!

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