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Lita doesn’t know if this is the end for her

WWE has been relying on part-timers in the men’s division for years, so it’s inevitable that the same pattern will emerge on the women’s side, right?

Lita was the part-time legend who filled that role at Elimination Chamber, where she was pinned by Becky Lynch in a Raw women’s championship match. Lita has since taken to Instagram to thank everyone who supported her return to WWE over the last month:

“What an experience. It’s hard to put into words everything I’ve felt these past few weeks. But I can say the support I’ve received from all of you has touched me deeply. I thank you so much for the time you took to cheer me on, and the faith you had in me to get back in the ring. To the women currently grinding on the road to keep raising the bar, you inspire me daily. If this was the end, I am so proud. If it is not, I will arrive more prepared, train harder, and find a way to dig deeper.”

If the rumor about WWE’s reaction to Lita’s return is true, I think there’s a pretty good bet she’ll be back in the ring for WWE several more times before calling it quits.

How excited are you to see more matches from Lita in WWE?

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