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Brock Lesnar isn’t working a part-time schedule for this WrestleMania run

Brock Lesnar’s been back with WWE for a decade. It’s a stretch that’s probably included more title reigns than house show appearances. The combination of the company’s desire to keep the Beast Incarnate a special attraction and Brock’s negotiating skills have left Lesnar with plenty of time off. It’s also earned him the label “part-timer” from fans, and (at least in kayfabe) some of his co-workers, too.

In 2022, however, Brock’s been a steady presence on WWE television. He’s worked every PPV Premium Live Event this year. Coming out of his title win at Elimination Chamber last weekend, he’s set for two appearances this week. And a SmackDown segment with Roman Reigns wasn’t the only thing announced on the Feb. 21 Raw, either.

His old advocate also informed him he has a title defense next Saturday (Mar. 5) in Madison Square Garden.

The Garden is WWE’s “home court”, so a show in the iconic Manhattan venue is always a big deal. But despite a Lesnar match and other hype we heard for next Saturday during Raw, all reports are it won’t be streamed or broadcast — just a push to sell more tickets. So this is Brock working a house show.

Lesnar might not be advertised for a lot of Mondays in March, but he is set for most of SmackDowns. He won’t be working untelevised weekend dates on the regular, so it’s not quite fair to call him a full-timer. But he’s not just working a handful of TVs or appearing via satellite this year.

Guess we know what Vince McMahon is doing with some of that money he freed up last year. Will semi-regular Brock continue past ‘Mania?

We shall see. For now, we’ve got next Saturday and most Fridays from here to April 2-3.

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