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Miz is hyping his mystery partner for Raw

After losing to Rey Mysterio on the Elimination Chamber Kickoff last Saturday (Feb. 19), The Miz teased bringing in a mystery partner to help him deal with Rey & his son Dominik.

Because I’m a wrestling fan who spends way too much time online, my immediate thought was this must be a tease for Cody Rhodes. The former WWE Intercontinental and AEW TNT champion is rumored to be returning to The ‘E imminently. He & Miz are real-life friends, and the fact they both have (or had) reality shows provided another connection.

However, before I could even compose a tweet with my wholly unoriginal theory, a report hit that Miz was talking about Logan Paul. The YouTuber’s return would set-up another celebrity spectacle for WrestleMania 38... and leave all of us guessing as to how Cody’s return will be booked.

Whoever it is, it doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait long to find out. Miz is teasing someone for Raw tonight (Feb. 21) in Columbia, South Carolina.

Is that our reaction is going to look like? Follow along with our live blog to see who Miz is bringing, and tell us about your reaction when it happens.

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