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Corey & Carmella stay clothed, but forget to hide the toys in first trailer

We don’t get to see any of the promised “lots of nudity” yet, but the first trailer for Camella and Corey Graves’ new reality show — creatively entitled Carmella & Corey — isn’t exactly PG, either.

Going off this minute of footage, it appears roughly 69% of the show will take place in either their bed or bathroom. Even when one of the Cs find themselves alone in those locations, it seems to be what Flight of the Concords referred to as “business time”. Corey may be trying to master the skill of auto-fellatio while showering. We see a shot of some accessories and accoutrements that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. And when these two are someplace like the kitchen or the gym — they’re still talking about boning.

And look... I ain’t mad at ‘em. Confused about who this is for, and maybe even a little jealous. Definitely a bit surprised the WWE brand is on this. But not mad. And hey — it’s not “gory self-mutilation”.

Take a trip to poundtown with Corey & Carmella when the show premieres next Monday (Feb. 28) on YouTube.

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