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WWE Raw results, live blog (Feb. 21, 2022): Elimination Chamber fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 21, 2022) from the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina, featuring all the fallout from the Elimination Chamber event that went down just this past weekend in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Advertised for tonight: Brock Lesnar is the new WWE champion and will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal title in a WINNER TAKE ALL match at WrestleMania. We’ll get some idea of what the future holds for The Beast on the red brand between now and the big show. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair gets its build started proper while RK-Bro are still owed a Raw tag team title shot. All that and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on SyFy. It will be below this line here.


Terror by night, liar by day, telling her secrets won’t take them away. Under Peruvian skies, Vanessa regretfully waits, but me? I’m just liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you folks.

The show opens with a recap of Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Live in the arena, Brock Lesnar makes his entrance, jubilant and waving the title around.

He and his cowboy hat get on the mic and he introduces himself as your new WWE Champion—

Enter Paul Heyman.

He does his big intro but Brock cuts him off mid-stream and leads the crowd in chanting about how Heyman sucks. Paul says that he, in fact, does not suck, and talks up the title vs. title match at WrestleMania, saying that there’s a roadblock on the road to that match, because he’s got to defend the title at Madison Square Garden first.

Bobby Lashley’s hurt, but he’s going to find the best possible opponent for Lesnar, somebody worthy of the most legendary arena in North America, and he’ll see him at the Garden. Brock tells Paul he’s gonna be standing in a ring in Hershey, Pennsylvania next to his little Tribal Chief.

And Lesnar will be there to introduce those two knuckleheads to himself, once again.

We see Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins hanging out backstage and chatting when an interview rolls up.

Asked about their unclear path to WrestleMania, KO points out that they’re the best tag team on Raw and they’ve beaten RK-BRO and they’ve gone to management and when they win their match tonight they’ll be added to the Raw tag title match in two weeks, and when they win, they’ll be the champions and have a guaranteed spot at WrestleMania.

Street Profits make their entrance and we go to break.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Gable and Dawkins to start, off the ropes, shoulder block, drop down, Chad rolls through and passes him off the ropes, leapfrog, arm drag, Angelo has an armbar! Ford tags in, whip to a drop down, cover for one! Tag to Otis, working Montez over, double whip, a low bridge sends Dozer to the floor!

Alphas beating Ford down after a dive, Dawkins explodes on them and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Human Hamb is in control as the Alphas work Ford over as the heat segment continues. Tag to Dawkins, running hot, Drill Bit connects and he’s got Gable trapped for the spinning Stinger Splash! Electric chair, double team... NOPE! Otis and Angelo to the floor, brawling, rolling elbow, tag, suplex attempt, Montez lands on his feet, scoop and a slam but Dozer counters with a crossbody and Chad holds him down...

Alpha Academy win by pinfall with a crossbody pin from Otis Dozovic on Montez Ford.

Tommaso Ciampa is interviewed backstage.

He says he’ll take Dolph Ziggler on any day of the week, and since this is a tag match he knew just the guy to call...

Finn Balor rolls up. He says Raw might be his home now but he’ll never forget where he came from.

Finn makes his entrance and we go to break.

Dirty Dawgz (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) vs. Finn Balor & Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Roode to start, Robert with a side headlock, off the ropes, drop down, Tom cuts him off hard, headlock takeover, wrenching it in on the mat but Roo takes him into the corner and the Dawgz take control. Ciampa recovers fighting Ziggler, blind tag to Balor and Finn hits a tope con giro to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Ciampa and Ziggler trading shots, tag to Roode and the Dawgz take control again. Working Tom over, he gets up and decks Dolph with a lariat and tags Balor in! Hammering chops, Sling Blade, the match breaks down, Roode hits the spinning spinebuster... NOPE!

DDT countered by a Sling Blade, tag to Ciampa, running knee, underhooks, Fairytale Ending blocked, high stack...

Finn Balor & Tommaso Ciampa win by pinfall with a folding press from Ciampa on Robert Roode.

Commentary hypes up our WrestleMania card as it stands.

The Miz makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Miz welcomes us to MizTV and accuses Rey Mysterio of using Dominik to cheat at Elimination Chamber and again complains that people cheer Rey for things they boo him for, and announces that he’s found a tag team partner he can trust at WrestleMania.

He’s somebody from a fighting family, a pioneer, someone dashing, an athlete and a celebrity—

Enter Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Rey says he and Miz aren’t the same and he doesn’t know anybody in the back that would partner with him, and he knows nobody can stand him, and whoever this outside is, he can go right back where he came from. Miz berates him for cheating some more and asks if Dominik deserves his contract or he just got it from his daddy.

Dom gets on the mic and says this is his family, his life, and everything he knows, so if he says one more thing about his father, he swears to god he’ll show him— Miz cuts him off and officially proposes the tag match at WrestleMania and introduces his new tag partner...

It’s Logan Paul. (Womp womp.)

He tells Rey, no disrespect but he’s got pool toys bigger than him. Dom says if this jackass is his partner, they accept, and a brawl breaks out! Miz and Paul stand tall and then post both father and son shoulder first! Logan hits Skull-Crushing Finale on the younger Mysterio!

The heels point at the sign.

Alpha Academy are interviewed backstage.

Chad talks up Otis’ physicality and is generally braggadocious.

Rhea Ripley makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Veer Mahaan is still coming.

Nikki ASH vs. Rhea Ripley

ASH jawing and she throws a strong forearm, Ripley turns her around, shoulder thrusts, delayed vertical suplex, walking her around the ring and letting her think about it before dropping her! Nikki rolls to the floor, Rhea follows after her and smashes her face into the announce desk but ASH recovers and clubs her down in the ring!


Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall with Riptide.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get an update about Bobby Lashley’s injury and toss to the Undertaker Hall of Fame video package.

Damian Priest makes his entrance and we go to break.

Damian Priest (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin (WWE United States Championship)

Benjamin blasts Priest out the gates and hammers him with forearms in the corner. Damian fires back with big right-hand haymakers, Shelton throws him to the floor! Cedric Alexander lands a stiff kick on the floor, Benjamin brings him back in for an Olympic Slam that gets a one count!

Mounted punches, Priest fires back with a right hand, more strikes, elbow in the corner, Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick! Blasting Alexander off the apron, Shelton with a knee lift, T-Bone Suplex... NOPE! Priest back with a kick, South of Heaven, inverted facelock...

Damian Priest wins by pinfall with Reckoning.

Post-match, Priest gets on the mic and says Shelton Benjamin is one of the few who will come out and fight him like a man and he beat him.

This is Mania season, and he wants a match of that caliber and he volunteers his United States Championship for a match against somebody of world championship caliber.

Enter Finn Balor.

He says if Damian wants to face a serious athlete and a serious fighter, a world champion level opponent, he’s your man, and he’ll see him next week.

We get a recap of Reggie beating Dana Brooke for the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Reggie makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Reggie gets on the mic.

He says he won’t be interrupted by any shenanigans and introduces Dana Brooke.

He tells her he saw his opportunity and took it and it left him with a horrible feeling in his stomach and from the bottom of his heart, he’s sorry and he wants to show her how much she means to him. He calls a referee down and lays down in the middle of the ring!

She covers him... AND HE KICKS OUT AT TWO! He begs off and apologizes, giving her another shot and again he kicks out! She tries again and smooches him to keep him down this time...

Dana Brooke wins the WWE 24/7 Championship.

She holds the title high and blows him a kiss and the 24/7 crush comes stampeding down! They fight them off together, knocking Tozawa off the ropes and into Tamina’s arms! He closes his eyes for a kiss and she drops him and they chase champion and former champion off into the crowd.

We get a recap of the women’s Elimination Chamber (Rhea Ripley, me-OW)

Bianca Belair makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Bianca Belair gets on the mic.

She says she has to give it up to all the women who were in the Elimination Chamber, but she’s the EST and that means she’s the strongest, fastest, and baddest, and she’s the hardest working woman here in WWE. She’s been working non-stop for WrestleMania and if you think she’s about to let up now, girl, uh-uh.

In just six weeks she’s gonna show Becky Lynch a little EST.

Enter Becky Lynch.

She says they’re the only two women in history to have won the main event of WrestleMania and now they’re wrestling each other. She talks about the times they’ve wrestled and she won, Bianca fires back, Lynch gets booed and she says it’s all been ruined and she used to be The Man of the people and they all turned on her because Belair beat her.

And because they despise her, she despises Bianca.

Enter Doudrop to send us to break.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop

Doudrop backing her up into the corner, strikes into a side headlock, drop down, taunting, leapfrog, hip toss reversed into an Oklahoma Roll... NOPE! Shoulder thrusts in the corner, Bianca smashing her into the turnbuckles, front kicks, Doudrop turns the tide and they trade forearms in the corner.

Action to the floor, trading crossbodies in front of Becky on commentary, both women down and out and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Doudrop with a back suplex, Belair hits a big spinebuster in return! Handspring moonsault, kip-up, the EST running hot, up in the turnbuckles and taunting, jockeying for position over a suplex and Bianca hits it! Belair blocks a turnbuckle smash but Doudrop trips her up!

Sidestep the cannonball, Doudrop manages to hit the Michinoku Driver but the EST kicks out! Doudrop up top, Bianca gets under her... POWERBOMB! Belair sets her up, Argentine backbreaker rack...

Bianca Belair wins by pinfall with KOD.

We go to break with the promise of Edge up next.

Back from commercial, Edge makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and takes a seat in the ring.

He asks if South Carolina can smell the WrestleMania in the air and takes us back to WrestleMania 3. He was listening to the radio for results with his uncle and recounts hearing the DJ talk about the main event, and everybody in the locker room understands how he felt in that moment.

He talks about WrestleMania XIV, his first as talent, and how it took him two more years to actually get a match, and he knew he had to have the kind of performance that would elevate his career, and he did, but that lead him to understand the stakes and to know that he’d have to outperform himself every time, and against two of the greatest teams of all time at WrestleMania X-Seven, they stole the show.

He recounts a few more WrestleMania highlights of his, and how he busted his ass for ten years to get WrestleMania back and last year, he main evented WrestleMania again. WrestleMania has been the stuff of dreams for 38 years and every year he still dreams about WrestleMania.

What it feels like to walk down that aisle and stand in the middle of the ring, and at WrestleMania he makes everyone and everything around him better, and you have to throw caution to the wind and fight your inner demon and become undeniable. He needs WrestleMania, and you can’t call WrestleMania stupendous without him.

He’s throwing down the gauntlet and challenging everyone in the locker room. He needs someone to step up and prove themselves by standing across the ring from him at WrestleMania. Fight him at WrestleMania, and he’ll make you live forever.

We get a recap of Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins beating RK-BRO two weeks ago

RK-BRO make their entrance to send us to break.

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins vs. RK-BRO (Matt Riddle & Randy Orton)

Owens and Riddle to start, waistlock, standing switch, Kev with a headlock, shot off, shoulder block. Go-behind into a sleeper hold, tag to Rollins and they work Riddle over together. Matt with a Karelin Lift, tag made, and Orton does the Garvin Stomp! Matt back in, assisted corkscrew moonsault into a sleeper hold!

Punches in the ropes, action to the floor, Randy back suplexes KO into the announce desk and Seth wipes him out with a dive in turn as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Rollins has Orton in a front chancery but Randy runs away and drops him with a lariat! Tag to Owens, cut off the tag by clearing the apron, put boots to him and he locks on a rear chinlock to grind the Viper down! He gets away, tag to Riddle and Deep Waters comes in hot with the charging forearms!

Rolling elbow from Rollins reversed into an exploder suplex, the high jump senton and a Penalty Kick follows, bridging German suplex... SETH KICKS OUT! Tree of Woe double stomp follows but Riddle kicks out! Fisherman buster on the knee, Matt blocks the Stunner after but takes an enzuigiri!

Tag to Rollins, KO goes up top for the senton atomico, Seth with the frog splash... SO CLOSE! Double back suplex attempt, Matt lands on his feet, rolls through, tag made and Randy comes in hot! Snap scoop powerslam on KO, one for Rollins too! Going for a double DDT, Rollins slips out but the hanging DDT hits Owens! KO fights out and puts boots to Riddle, Seth drops Orton with Blackout on the floor!

Riddle’s RKO blocked, Seth with the buckle bomb, Kev hits the Stunner, Rollins charges in...

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins win by pinfall with Blackout, earning a spot in the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match in two weeks’ time.

That’s the show, folks.

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