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Sami Zayn got thrown out of the Jackass Forever premiere

Does this red carpet angle mean Johnny Knoxville’s WWE run continue past his quick Royal Rumble appearance?

One of the things I found disappointing about the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble match was how little WWE did with Johnny Knoxville, and the angle he’d been working on SmackDown with Sami Zayn to promote Jackass Forever.

After weeks of Sami’s outrage at a non-wrestler getting a spot in the Rumble, and even attempting his own stunt comedy show with In-Zayn to prove he could beat Knoxville at his own game... all we got was Johnny in a goofy costume and a pair of quick, uncreative eliminations.

But maybe the angle’s not over yet? Rumor was Knoxville’s run would end at last Saturday’s PPV premium live event, but it at least continued to the Los Angeles premiere of Jackass Forever last night (Feb. 1). Zayn had been teasing an appearance throughout the day...

... and was definitely ready to party down in style...

Sadly, things didn’t go Sami’s way on the red carpet. He got to interrogate the mainstream media (is E! News the mainstream media) conspiracy against him, but ended up being thrown out. And zapped in the butt with an electric cattle prod in the process...

Zayn wasn’t the only WWE representative in L.A. The other was significantly better behaved:

We didn’t get a Jackass-style Royal Rumble spot, but could we see more of Knoxville in WWE on the road to WrestleMania 38? Or was this the blow-off to Sammy’s program with KJ & crew?

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