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Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano introduce their son Quill to the world

We knew Candice LeRae was due to give birth to her and Johnny Gargano’s first child in February. The couple also shared with the world they were having a boy. Gargano’s announcement today (Feb. 18) that their son is here was expected.

Candice & Johnny also post a lot about their love of all things Disney, and the NXT Triple Crown champion has specifically repped the Marvel Universe in his big match ring gear over the years. So baby boy Gargano’s name shouldn’t have been unexpected.

Candice posted the same pic and caption to her Instagram.

As you can see, Star-Lord Jr. already has an array of Guardians of the Galaxy-themed items to commemorate his birth yesterday — including the obligatory mix tape. James Gunn would definitely approve. Quill also has a Rocket Raccoon plush toy to bond with, as soon as he’s interested in cuddling with something other than Ma & Pa Wrestling.

The fandom will be strong with this one (shout out to Johnny’s other favorite franchise, Star Wars).

Welcome Quill, and congrats to the entire Gargano family!

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