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Don’t do Naomi & Sonya dirty, WWE

Tag Team match

Naomi’s angle with Sonya Deville began shortly she arrived on the brand in last fall’s Draft. Ronda Rousey’s feud with Charlotte Flair kicked off at Royal Rumble. The Elimination Chamber tag match combining them should at least try to serve both stories equally.

The Road to Elimination Chamber

It’s never been entirely clear why Sonya’s untitled authority figure has it in for Naomi, and I’ve honestly forgotten the various ways Deville has booked SmackDown to bedevil the two-time former blue brand Women’s champion. Lately, she’s been setting up chances for the Glow-ster to wrestle current SmackDown Women’s titleholder Flair, then dorking her over.

There’s was also a bit about how Deville couldn’t be touched if she was wearing her (admittedly stylish af) sportscoats, but it’s probably best not to get too hung up on the vagaries of WWE rules.

Last Friday, Naomi was actually allowed to slap the taste out of Sonya’s mouth, and go all out against the Queen. The former was a satisfying moment, and the latter delivered a hell of a main event. She came up short — this is Charlotte heading into a ‘Mania main event against the Baddest Woman on the Planet, after all — but when the heels tried to work the numbers game on her, she picked up an ally.

There is reportedly one more twist to go in the story before Elimination Chamber (click here if you want the rumored scoop from tonight’s pre-taped SmackDown). Bu that, and the whole “Ronda Rousey returned from a two-and-a-half year hiatus, won the Rumble, and decided to challenge Charlotte” thing pretty much gets you up to speed.

What to watch for

Hopefully, Naomi won’t pick up another loss here. If Flair & Deville win, it would only be Ronda’s third loss ever in WWE. But it seems entirely possible that despite a storyline that’s been going on for roughly four months, she will be overshadowed by her teammate and the champion.

Which is understandable. Sonya and Naomi aren’t going to be a main attraction at the Showcase of the Immortals on April 2-3. But even if a one-armed wrestler (sorry, if I spoiled it, but not too sorry, cause it’s dumb) gets all the shine in Saudia Arabia tomorrow, their program deserves a proper blow-off somewhere on the road to WrestleMania.

Let us know if you think it’ll get one, and also let us know...


Who wins?

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