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Carmella & Corey Graves promise a lot of nudity on their new WWE reality show

Carmella on Twitter

Corey Graves and Carmella revealed on their Bare With Us podcast that a reality show called Corey & Carmella is coming to WWE’s YouTube channel on Feb. 28. The project is a collaboration between WWE and Glass Entertainment Group. A pilot episode was shot and has been split up into 10 four minute episodes, all of which are expected to be available to watch on Feb. 28. They’ve been working on bringing this idea to fruition since the coronavirus pandemic began two years ago.

While discussing the content you can expect to see as part of their “unscripted entertainment” on this reality show, Graves made a comparison to WWE’s Attitude Era, indicating “we’re gonna sex it up a little bit” and push the envelope beyond what you see from their characters on screen in WWE kayfabe. They both agreed there will be a lot of nudity, at the very least, and the show will provide a deeper look into who they really are as people when not playing a role for a pro wrestling gimmick.

This news is a really big deal for Corey and Carmella. Are you interested in checking out their new reality show in less than two weeks, Cagesiders?

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