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It was a good day for John Cena: Hollywood star

Which might mean it’ll be a while before we see John Cena: WWE Superstar again.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 21, 2021 Photo by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

On a day when we heard that an “Austin-level” star not named Stone Cold could be returning for WrestleMania 38, we got more evidence that star also wouldn’t be named John Cena.

Cena himself told us he probably wouldn’t be back for WWE’s extravaganza in Texas on April 2 & 3, and that was before his HBO Max series Peacemaker was renewed for a second season. The show — which is pretty darn fun, and an excellent showcase for Cena — is reportedly a huge hit for the streamer, so announcing this before the season finale premieres on Thursday was probably a no-brainer.

In covering the news, Deadline writes that James Gunn will write and direct all of season two. The Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker wrote all of season one, and directed five of its eight episodes. No word yet on when it will film.

We do know when the other Gunn/Cena collaboration that was announced today will shoot. Deadline also had the news that the 16 time WWE World champ will have a role in the Gunn-produced, Dave Green-directed Coyote v. Acme. A live action/animated hybrid based on a Looney Tunes characters and a New Yorker article, it follows Wile E. Coyote’s lawsuit against the manufacturer of the products he’s tried to use to capture the Roadrunner over the years. Our man John will play the villain of the piece, the ex-boss of the billboard lawyer Wile E. hires to sue the ACME Corporation.

Sounds wild.

Also, since it starts filming in late March, sounds like something that will definitely make WWE work a challenge for Cena.

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