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An utterly hilarious spoiler video from next week’s SmackDown

Obviously, there are spoilers ahead. Consider yourself further warned, if the title didn’t do enough for you.

As pointed out by my main man Cain A. Knight (if that even is his real name, I suspect it isn’t) in his SmackDown spoilers post this morning, here’s what we can expect from the main event segment on the go home show to Elimination Chamber next Friday night:

The main event segment was a contract signing for the Ronda Rousey & Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville tag match at Elimination Chamber. After tense words, Rousey threw the SmackDown women’s title at Flair, leading to a brawl between all four women. The table was flipped over and the babyfaces stood tall.

That sounds good, right?

Reader, it was not good.

We know this because there is video from the stands showcasing one thing that happened to kick the brawl off and I haven’t stopped laughing since seeing it:

I have no idea how they’re going to edit that to make it look good, or if they just cut it out altogether, but that is utterly hilarious. I’m not prepared to claim Charlotte is sandbagging Rousey here, or intentionally trying to make her look bad a la the situation with Becky Lynch during the controversial championship exchange segment not long ago, but said segment did cast a big enough shadow that it’s hard not to think of it when something like this happens.

Either way, this is funny and almost gets me as hyped to see this show as a title change does.

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