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More on WrestleMania ads planned for the Super Bowl

WWE’s YouTube

Last night, PWInsider reported WWE was telling their employees that advertisements from WrestleMania 38 would air during Super Bowl LVI tomorrow night (Feb. 13).

It sounded like a big deal — and really, it still is. But if you were hoping for something like the mayhem featured in the company’s previous Super Bowl spot back in 1999...

...the details that have come out since the initial report might be a little deflating.

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics’ tweeted that there will two commercials: a 30 second on during the pre-show (a huge window of time; NBC starts Super Bowl coverage at noon ET and kickoff isn’t until 6:30pm), and a 15 second one during the game itself.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer added that ads aren’t even being paid for by WWE. Meltzer says Vince McMahon has always regretted the buy back in ‘99. Tomorrow’s ads will be for Peacock — WWE’s domestic streaming partner, which is owned by NBCUniversal.

“Vince has said publicly and he has said to me that it was a waste of money. That’s why they never did it again. At the time everybody talked about it but for what their company is — a Super Bowl commercial for some things would work. A Super Bowl commercial for Peacock makes sense…

“They [WWE]’re not buying the commercial. The network is buying the commercials. It’s a Peacock commercial, not a WWE commercial. WrestleMania will be featured in the Peacock commercial.”

So probably don’t expect to see Randy Orton RKO-ing anyone out the window of WWE corporate headquarters during Rams/Bengals.

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