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One promo made Chad Gable glad he didn’t ‘throw in the towel’ on his WWE career

Chad Gable seemed destined to be another wrestler fans said, “How did WWE miss the boat on this guy?!?!”

The Olympian was part of some of the best WWE tag matches in a long time while in NXT. But he was quickly split from his American Alpha partner Jason Jordan on the main roster, and spent a lot of time floundering in the undercard. A King of the Ring push in 2019 gave his supporters hope... that was quickly dashed when he was given the Shorty G gimmick.

He stuck it out, though, and managed to not get cut in the numerous waves of releases over the last couple years. He got paired with another underutilized former amateur wrestler in Otis, their chemistry clicked with the right people backstage, and now they’re Raw Tag champs.

It might not have happened, however. The Alpha Academy duo were the guests on this week’s After The Bell podcast, and Gable explained that he was close to “throwing in the towel” over the past few years. But he credits his partner, and one promo segment from Dec. 27, with turning things around:

“The fact that I’m finally getting a chance to show this, and to do this is the most rewarding and self re-assuring thing. Because never in my life, really, until the last few years in this company, have I ever doubted myself. There’s something about this, and what we do that sometimes you tend to doubt yourself. I’ve never experienced that before. I went through it, and coming out the other side, and being able to show that I didn’t need to do that, I needed to have confidence, and maintain the confidence I always had — is really nice. It’s kind of wild that it all began on a chance promo that we were given in Detroit.”

What promo was that? It’s this one...

I like to think it was the line about being “too advanced for a town like” this that did it. But let me shoosh so we can get back to the Master’s story:

“We got to open the show this night in Detroit right before New Years, right after Christmas. It was a 90-second walking promo, that — we’d never really gotten that chance before. And they kind of gave me free rein on it. There was some stuff to talk about, and we were addressing Randy and them [Riddle]. But it was kind of open-ended, and I just ran with it, and I felt so comfortable playing this character, and bringing this part out of me that I felt was in there for so long.

“To be honest, some of this stuff goes back to NXT. And people know about these promo classes we would do in NXT and all these things. And some of the stuff I’m doing now — I mean if you saw some of the stuff from 2014-15 in NXT, you would see that coming and being applied here, just in a new way with this ‘Master Gable’ character... It’s always been there, it’s just been, you know, navigating the waters, and trying to wait for that right moment to try and apply it in the right way.

“For whatever reason, and this is how I’ve found life works so many time — the stars just align. You just keep plugging away, keep your head down, and it sounds so cliche, but there has been moments where I’ve, whatever it means, wanted to throw in the towel, wanted to give up and say I can’t do it, it’s not working. But seeing that through, and getting through those moments is what made this so rewarding. To look back on that and go, ‘Thank God you stuck with it. Thank God you knew it was gonna work out.’

“And I have Otis to thank a lot for that too, because he’s helped give me the platform to play this character, and be this coach and this mentor to him, and really bring that out of me. So it’s been awesome.”

Whatever part of that promo it was, I’m glad it happened. Gable is too damn good to not have a role on television.

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