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This is what Goldberg plans on doing to Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia

Goldberg is back in WWE to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal championship on Feb. 19 at Elimination Chamber in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Goldberg’s contract with WWE is expiring and this could be his final match with the company, at least until they re-sign him to another massive deal where he gets paid insane gobs of money to wrestle for 13 minutes a year in Saudi Arabia.

Roman has held the title for over 500 days. If that lengthy reign comes to an end in Saudi Arabia, it will no doubt rank as one of the greatest victories of Goldberg’s career.

With that in mind, WWE has released their latest top 10 video running down the greatest wins in Goldberg’s career.

Here’s what they came up with:

10. Hugh Morrus to win his debut
9. Kevin Nash
8. Raven to win the U.S. Title
7. Triple H to win the world title
6. Sting to win the WCW title
5. The Giant
4. Kevin Owens to win the Universal title
3. The Rock to win his WWE debut
2. Brock Lesnar in 1:24
1. Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW title

Goldberg’s win over Hogan was the obvious pick for number one. I think beating Reigns could rank as high as number three on this list.

Goldberg’s victory against Raven was really cool at the time, and lifting The Giant up for the Jackhammer will always be an extremely impressive visual. I think a general rule of thumb is that Goldberg’s best wins in WCW are better than almost all of his best wins in WWE (with the exception of Lesnar in 2016), because those were his prime years where he was at his peak popularity. Just look at all the fans losing their minds when he gets those guys in the Jackhammer in WCW.

That was a long time ago, though, and it would be surprising if Goldberg plows through Reigns like that. But never say never. The Fiend’s disastrous Universal title loss to Goldberg did take place in Saudi Arabia, after all.

Which other wins from Goldberg’s career would you include on your personal top 10 list, Cagesiders?

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