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Matt Hardy walked out of Dynamite the same way Jeff walked out of WWE

Yesterday’s (Feb. 9) episode of AEW Dynamite was jam-packed with a lot of interesting moments, to say the least.

Many pro wrestling fans were thinking that Tony Khan’s much-hyped mystery man would turn out to be either Keith Lee or Jeff Hardy. Naturally, the AEW debut of the Limitless one was the biggest news of the night. But while fans were basking in his glory during a match with Isiah Kassidy, Matt Hardy was involved in an angle that could very well be leading to Jeff’s AEW arrival in a matter of weeks.

Matt has been disappointed with Kassidy and Marc Quen’s recent losses, and he threatened major changes to the Andrade Hardy Family Office if Kassidy did not win the match with Lee. Once it became obvious that Kassidy didn’t stand much of a chance, Matt bailed on him. Matt made his exit by walking out through the crowd, which is exactly what Jeff did in his last act in WWE that caused him to get sent home and later released.

Here is the video of Matt suddenly abandoning Private Party:

On commentary, Tony Schiavone reacted to Hardy’s abrupt exit by saying the following:

“I would call that pretty erratic behavior, if you ask me.”

Jeff’s behavior was described as “erratic” in the initial report covering his release from WWE in December, so Schiavone’s line is a direct reference to that report.

Jeff’s 90 day non-compete clause runs out one month from now. Most people are assuming he will land in AEW at that time, and with angles like this, it’s an understandable conclusion to draw. Andrade’s recent merger with the Hardy Family Office could very well be setting up Matt’s ouster from the group, freeing him up for a reunion with his brother Jeff in the near future.

Is that what you want to see, Cagesiders?

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