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Becky Lynch: ‘My shoulder still isn’t feeling right’

Becky Lynch suffered a separated shoulder in July at SummerSlam 2022 and was off WWE television for about four months while she recovered from the injury. Lynch made a triumphant return to action just in time for last month’s War Games match at Survivor Series.

That’s all well and good, but did The Man come back to WWE too soon?

In a new interview with Alternative Sport’s Matthew Connell, Becky admitted that her shoulder doesn’t feel right:

“It felt amazing to be out in front of the crowd again and how electric that was, in such a wild capacity as WarGames. That’s a match that I’ve never done before and it’s a very daunting match. You’ve got two rings, you’ve got a giant cage and anything goes. Truth be told, my shoulder still isn’t feeling right. So to say I was nervous is probably a bit of an understatement. But once you get out there, once you get in front of the crowd and you feel that energy, then you forget everything else. There’s not another feeling like it.”

That her shoulder still isn’t feeling right is concerning, but Lynch is looking ahead to 2023 and doesn’t seem too worried about it:

“Coming back there was so much apprehension, and the fans greeted me with such open arms and reminded me that there’s nothing like this. That putting your body on the line for their entertainment is such a privilege and it is so worth it. So a big giant thank you to the fans for letting me entertain them and I can’t wait to do so much more in 2023.”

Be sure to check out of the rest of the interview to find out why Becky feels more like The Man right now than she ever has before.

What do you think 2023 has in store for Becky Lynch, Cagesiders?

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