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The headbutt of the year, and maybe the clip of the year too

This week’s episode of NXT ended with the five wrestlers in the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline verbally assaulting each other before physically doing the same. Naturally, it was JD McDonagh who got the action popping off proper with what is unquestionably the headbutt of the year for 2022.


Holy shit!

I love that the above clip quite literally starts with McDonagh in the midst of cocking his head back before he drives it forward like a missile straight into Grayson Waller’s shoulder blade. The impact is jarring, a loud thud punctuated by both Axiom and Carmelo Hayes literally recoiling in response to it.

I also love that Joe Gacy instantly springs into action, throwing punches at McDonagh just after Waller falls out of the picture and McDonagh doesn’t even punch back at first, instead just repeatedly hurling his head at Gacy.

Then, Axiom and Hayes reemerge in the foreground, having made the decision to follow suit and get to throwing hands. The way Hayes chooses to sell the punches might be the funniest thing I’ve seen on NXT TV this year. He gets out of it by throwing an exaggerated crosshand chop at Axiom’s throat.

This all happens in the first seven seconds of the video. The full video is a pretty damn good pull apart brawl, with bodies flying all over the place as the show fades out. It may very well be the clip of the year.

Just fantastic all around.

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