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Rick Boogs riding a horse is as majestic as you would imagine


Rick Boogs is a treasure of adventure. Most times, his antics involve getting a swole pump at the gym as the muscles expand so large that they try to escape his skin. Thankfully, Boogs’ body can handle maximum striation as not to explode.

Not every video of clip of Boogs involves weightlifting. No, no, no. On occasion, Boogs will venture out into nature. Here is one instance. Boogs riding a horse is as majestic as you would imagine. Once the equine gets its bearings after the shock of being chosen by Boogs, thundering music kicks in. That is not a sound effect. The melody is natural coming from the heavens. Not only does Boogs’ power soothe the stallion, animals flock to be in his presence, such as the trusty canine. Bask in Boog’s magnificence.

Despite Boogs grandiose grandiosity, he is still a man of the people. On the way to a children’s hospital for a charity event, he stopped by the gym to get a quick pump to look strong for the kids and issue a random posedown challenge. For context, Boogs added:

Big hands to Griff for being a good sport..I had no clue who he was and just challenged him to a pose down for no reason…just two half naked men deciding to simultaneously squeeze and grunt…his Instagram handle is big_griff_20

Back to regularly scheduled Boogs programming. Class is in session. Professor Sticky Ricky provided a proven equation. Band tension plus oscillation equals perfect pec pump.


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