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Sheamus vows to win the Intercontinental championship in 2023

All of you fine folks gave us star ratings for every pay-per-view match in 2022 and, as my main cat Sean Rueter wrote about earlier today, the Sheamus vs. GUNTHER banger at Clash at the Castle back in September was the very best of the year. Two beefy bigs banging it out over the Intercontinental championship?

Can’t go wrong there.

Much of the focus of that story surrounded Sheamus’ continued quest to become a Grand Slam champion in WWE. He’s stated he wants to be the first ever “Ultimate Grand Slam Champion,” but I don’t think it was ever settled what exactly that means. Either way, the one title he’s never managed to win during his long run in WWE is the Intercontinental strap.

That changes in 2023, if he can make good on his New Year’s resolution:

That also makes it sound as though he wants to win the title at WrestleMania 39. If that means a rematch with GUNTHER at the biggest event of the year, I don’t think you’ll find many folks who would object to as much.

Here’s hoping!

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