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Bray Wyatt was also apparently (and minorly) injured on a WWE house show

He says he suffered a broken finger while facing Jinder Mahal in Miami last night.

Vlog Warrior Justin’s Twitter

We’re still waiting for any kind of official word on the leg injury AJ Styles appeared to suffer at WWE’s house show in Hershey, Pennsylvania last night (Dec. 29). In the meantime, a fan report from the company’s other Thursday stop on their Holiday Tour — this one in Miami — brings word of another injury.

Bray Wyatt wrestled on each of the SmackDown brand’s house shows this week. The four matches were the first he’s worked since WrestleMania 37, and it’s not terribly surprising he got a bit banged up while shaking off ring rust in front of an audience. Fortunately, the damage Wyatt disclosed to a couple of his supporters that he suffered while facing Jinder Mahal doesn’t seem like it will sideline him.

That’s both because he can probably work around a broken pinky finger, and because his gimmick doesn’t require him to put on lengthy television matches on a regular basis anyway.

Splint that bad boy up and get back to cutting promos about possibly supernatural manifestations of aspects of your personality, I say. I may be in the minority though, at least around these parts.

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