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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Dec. 30, 2022): Cena & Owens vs. Reigns & Zayn

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 30, 2022) with a live show emanating from Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, featuring the latest build towards next month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) event.

Advertised for tonight: John Cena teams up with Kevin Owens to take on the team of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. This is Cena’s first match in WWE since September 2021.

Elsewhere on the card: Ronda Rousey defends the SmackDown women’s championship against Raquel Rodriguez, Sheamus goes one-on-one with Solo Sikoa, Lacey Evans begins her mission to destroy every woman in WWE, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be below this line here. (Note: Links to illegal streams are prohibited. Pics and GIFs are allowed.)


Because of greed and hatred, to dust we return. They will see the strength in our numbers, only then will the self-righteous learn, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Bray Wyatt making his entrance.

He says he’s really tried but he looks back at all the horrible things he’s done to get to where he is and he doesn’t regret much. But he does apologize for attacking a camera man in cold blood last week and if he’s watching this he wants him to know—

Enter LA Knight.

He runs Bray down for attacking a camera man and says he sees right through the Uncle Howdy thing and Wyatt’s still responsible and needs to pay the check. And worse, he used to be something, he used to be a force, but now he’s a fraud, a broken down loser, but LA has the answer.

He’s gonna be in the Rumble, in his first, and he’s gonna make it special by taking Wyatt and putting him out of his misery when he breaks his ass like dishes. Bray calls him a little idiot and he’s gonna use him to prove how cruel he can be when he feels like it.

So he accepts for the Royal Rumble.

A creepy Uncle Howdy video comes across the tron, the central theme of “revel in what you are” and “embrace the dark.”

Uncle Howdy makes his entrance.

He gets in the ring... AND TAKES WYATT OUT WITH SISTER ABIGAIL! LA Knight scrambles away, confused, and Uncle Howdy takes his leave.

We go backstage where Sami Zayn is walking. He knocks on the Bloodline locker room and Paul Heyman answers. They hug enthusiastically and Sami says he came here to talk strategy with the Tribal Chief, and Paul says they were just talking about the things he said last week, declaring himself for the Bloodline.

Heyman says the crowd chanting for Sami wasn’t the right optic and says they need to stay three steps ahead at all times, and he gets the green light to stop the delaying tactics and let Sami in, and we go to break.

Sheamus vs. Solo Sikoa

Collar and elbow, struggling, off the ropes, shoulder blocks, neither man can budge! Sikoa with right hands, whip reversed, block the hip toss, take Sheamus down with a lariat! Celtic Warrior clubs him with lariats, Solo knocked to the floor and he grabs a chair and the Usos have to talk him down as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Sikoa has Sheamus grounded with a trapezius claw, shift to a side headlock, Celtic Warrior posts up, off the ropes and he runs into a Samoan Drop! Sheamus beats him down for a bit, calling for the Brogue, but he runs into a superkick! Off the ropes, a knee connects... NOPE!

Irish Curse follows it up, into the cloverleaf, chaos on the floor, Sheamus takes ‘em all out with a battering ram but when he returns to the ring...

Solo Sikoa wins by pinfall with the Samoan Spike.

Post-match, the Usos light on Sheamus and horsecollar him with a chair, Solo has him lined up but—

Drew McIntyre makes the save!

We get a long recap of the women’s title scene and go to break.

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Ronda Rousey (c) (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Collar and elbow, Rodriguez shoves her away, back to the lockup, into the corner, Rousey turns her around and works her arm in the ropes! To the floor, Raquel puts Ronda in the ropes such that she comes up lame, biel across the ring, Stinger Splash, another one but Rousey ducks the third and she crashes to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ronda lighting her up with kicks, Olympic Slam for two! Kimura lock applied, grounded on the mat, Raquel fights out! Lariats follow, big western lariat with the bad arm, cover... NOPE! Rodriguez reverses a hold into the cloverleaf, reversed into an ankle lock!

Rousey wrenches it in, Raquel with an upkick and then a flapjack, up for the one-arm powerbomb but Ronda reverses! Over the ropes, to the apron, Rodriguez gets her up and powerbombs her into the apron to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Raquel is still in charge but unable to seal the deal and Rousey goes to work on the injured arm! Kimura Lock, Rodriguez powers through and turns it into a fallaway slam! Ronda with a bodyscissors sleeper, Raquel struggles valiantly against it but fades down to one knee but manages to sling her into the turnbuckles to break away!

Cover for a deep two but Shayna Baszler puts Ronda’s foot on the ropes! Referee Dan Engler catches her and admonishes her but does not eject her! Raquel scoops her up, hard into the turnbuckles, setting her up top, big right hands, jockeying for position and Rousey gets the armbar!

Falling off the turnbuckles, she keeps her grip...

Ronda Rousey wins by submission with her armbar, retaining the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Charlotte Flair makes her return!

She gets in the ring and Ronda runs her mouth at her. Charlotte challenges her tonight!

Ronda puts the title down between them and says she’s in luck because she’s feeling spicy! Shayna tries to talk sense into her but Rousey’s gonna fight!

Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey (c) (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Charlotte with a boot out the gates... SO CLOSE! She turns and takes Baszler out, spear to Ronda, countered with the armbar, Flair posts and rolls her over...

Charlotte Flair wins the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship by pinfall with a schoolboy.

The Bloodline are chatting in Roman’s office.

Roman says if Sami delivers on ten percent of how he was talking it’s gonna be an easy night at the office and Zayn is confident.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Charlotte Flair’s return and title win.

We get a recap of Dominik Mysterio’s Christmas shenanigans.

Backstage, New Day try to get Top Dolla to jump a broom but he’s good-natured about the teasing about his jumping problem. Maximum Male Models and Madcap Moss have jokes too, and Ricochet chimes in to point out it’s not as easy as he makes it look, and that’s all Dolla can stand!

He shoves the One and Only, there’s lots of shouting, and we cut away.

Imperium make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of our opening segment.

In the ring, Imperium cut a promo about GUNTHER’s dominance as Intercontinental Champion and we get a recap to boot.


Enter Braun Strowman.

He points out that GUNTHER hasn’t beaten him, and maybe his boys are right and there isn’t a man on SmackDown who can beat him, but <scary growl voice> what about a monster </scary growl voice>

Imperium go to walk away but Braun says he’s not taking no for an answer and beats Kaiser and Vinci up before dropping GUNTHER with a lariat! To the floor, the Ring General blasts him through the barricade and wallops him with a steel chair! Back inside, GUNTHER puts Braun in a top wristlock and Imperium run interference to keep referees and agents away!

Ricochet makes the save with a steel chair but the Monster’s been injured!

We see the Bloodline walking backstage and go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the next couple weeks of shows.

We get our main event entrances and go to break.

John Cena & Kevin Owens vs. the Bloodline (Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn)

Zayn and Owens to start, Kev busts Sami’s nose open and taunts him about it! Reigns asks for the tag and Zayn obliges! Cena wants the tag, too, but Roman blasts Owens with a lariat and puts boots to him! Slam for two and we go to break again.

Back from commercial, Zayn and Owens are going at it, half and half suplex sets up a lariat and both men are down and out! Reigns goes around and pulls Cena from the apron and beats him up! Sami lying in wait, KO counters the Helluva Kick with a superkick but can’t capitalize!

Another superkick, off the ropes, pop-up powerbomb... REIGNS BREAKS IT UP AND BEATS KEV DOWN! Ducks a Superman Punch, Owens lands a superkick, off the top, frog splash... NOPE! Superman Punch, looking for a followup, KO sidesteps and Roman takes the post hard!

Tags made, Cena ducks a lariat, shoulder block, shoulder block, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, “You can’t see me!”, Reigns runs in and takes a fall-forward Blue Thunder driver of his own! Tag to Owens, stereo Five Knuckle Shuffles, fireman’s carry, Attitude Adjustment takes Roman out!

Kev catches Sami...

John Cena & Kevin Owens win by pinfall with a Stunner from Owens on Sami Zayn.

The Bloodline regroups on the floor while the babyfaces celebrate.

That’s the show, folks.

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