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Cageside Community Star Ratings for WWE Survivor Series 2022

After every WWE PPV premium live event, we ask you all to rank each match on the show using the star rating system made famous by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

The results are in from Survivor Series, WWE’s final ‘Big 4’ show of the year — this year with a WarGames twist. Below you’ll see how our little corner of the wrestle web graded what happened in the ring on Nov. 26 from Boston — and how our subjective grades compare to Meltzer’s.

Many have asked “why Dave?”, which to me is fairly obvious. Love, hate, or don’t care about him, the Observer Star Rating is the proverbial industry standard. No one else’s are tracked by Wikipedia and other web outlets. You can’t place online bets on what grades other pundits will give big matches.

But in order to not make this all about Meltz, we added another fan-voted rating to the mix - this one from Cagematch. That site uses a ten point scale, so we’ve halved their ratings for ease of comparison.

Here’s what that all looks like:

The main event, which also handily won our “Match of the Night” poll from immediately after the show, scored the highest in all three systems. Everyone was more or less on the same page with regard to both WarGames (we all liked them) and the SmackDown Women’s title match (we all disliked it).

It got a little weird for the remaining two bouts. Cagesiders came in notably higher on AJ Styles & Finn Bálor’s match than the others, especially Meltzer. We also came in surprisingly lower on the United States title Triple Threat.

I say “surprisingly” because the average score doesn’t seem to line up with other sentiment around the site about the quality of the match leading up to Austin Theory’s win over Bobby Lashley & Seth Rollins. Caught some flak for hypothesizing about voters’ motives recently, but... I have to wonder about the 12% who gave this one “0 stars”.

Not sure why trolls would specifically target this match, but that is one possible explanation. My only other (ahem) theory is that some of the online sentiment about Theory (either from folks who think he’s generally overhyped, or those who believe he should be punished for an allegation made against him during the Speaking Out movement) came into play. Either way, it’s a curious score.

But whether it’s one of those things, something else, or simply that a handful of people hated a match a lot of others enjoyed, it didn’t make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Star ratings say that Survivor Series was another successful event in a string of them for Triple H’s WWE.

Which you can see in our rundown of scores for all of WWE’s PLEs over the past 12 months:

Do Cageside’s Community Ratings match up with your personal ones? Any final thoughts on Survivor Series?

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