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InDex reunion? InDex reunion!

When last we saw kayfabe husband and wife Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell together, Lumis showed up in NXT to hand Hartwell one of his signature caricatures proclaiming their love as eternal, then hand himself over to the authorities (not to be confused with The Authority) waiting outside the WWE Performance Center.

Since then, he’s entered into a criminal conspiracy with The Miz on Raw, had that conspiracy exposed by Johnny Gargano (Indi’s storyline father figure) after Miz reneged on the deal, and earned a main roster contract by beating The A-Lister in a match. Hartwell’s been working to establish herself as a singles star in NXT — and acting more & more like a heel in the process.

It seemed the ballad of these star-crossed lovers was over. Or that if it were to continue, we figured it would happen on Raw after Indi got the call-up to join Lumis, Gargano and the rest of their The Way “family” (Candice LeRae & Austin Theory).

We definitely didn’t think it would happen on a Coconut Loop house show, but it’s been an expect the unexpected kind of year. So we’re not totally surprised that, less than a week after inking his Raw contract, Sexy Dexy said he’d show up at NXT Jacksonville last night (Dec. 2).

On the show, Lunis interrupted Javier Bernal*. And after putting Big Body Javi** to sleep...

... his wifey showed up, dragged herself to him, and shared a heartwarming embrace:

Indi would lose to Roxanne Perez later in the show, but a little let down is understandable after that moment with the hubs.

Just some a house show callback to a fan favorite TV angle done to sell some tickets? Or a harbinger of InDex on the red brand?

You tell us. We’re just so happy these crazy kids are still making it work.

* I wish anything made me as happy as Lumis dragging himself after Bernal did the little kid laughing in this clip.
** If you’re not watching NXT these days, seek out some clips of Javi’s interviews. His spin on the old “arrogant heel who ducks matches” schtick is great, and a highlight of every Tuesday night.

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