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FTR lose AAA tag titles

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When it rains, it pours.

FTR were on the top of the world as triple tag champs holdings titles from AAA, NJPW, and ROH with eyes on AEW gold. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler came up short against the Acclaimed with the AEW belts on the line, then the house came crumbling down.

FTR went on to lose the ROH tag championship to the Briscoes in a double dog collar match. Their next match was a loss to the Gunn sons. And now, FTR dropped the AAA World Tag Team Championship.

FTR competed at AAA Night of Champions against Dragon Lee & Dralistico on December 28 in Acapulco. Harwood was weary of trusting AAA not to screw them, so he made a demand early in the show. FTR wanted crooked referee Hijo del Tirantes to officiate.

Konnan entered the scene to reveal he is the new director of talent in AAA. The boss obliged with a caveat. At the first sign of Hijo del Tirantes being biased, he will be fined and suspended.

As FTR huddled with their pal, Hugo Savinovich tried to squeeze in. FTR comically shoved him away. Hugo claimed he wasn’t snooping, just trying to translate.

FTR entered for the match in the role of evil foreigners insulting the Mexican crowd. They stalled early with hugs and cowardly retreats. FTR gained an upper hand to isolate Dralistico. Hot tag to Dragon Lee running wild. Los Hermanos Lee scored a double pin when Dragon Lee rolled up Harwood and Dralistico landed a springboard guillotine leg drop on Wheeler. 1, 2, new champs? Not to fast, my friend. Hijo del Tirantes stopped short on counting 3.

Los Hermanos Lee continued with offense. Dragon Lee hit a German suplex to Wheeler. Dralistico followed for a springboard splash. Double pin by the brothers on top of Wheeler. Hijo del Tirantes was reluctant to even start counting. When he finally did, 1, 2, hand cramp! Hijo del Tirantes was in tremendous pain and unable to finish the count. In the confusion, Wheeler struck with a piledriver. Hijo del Tirantes was ready for the quick count, but Konnan pulled him out of the ring. Hijo del Tirantes was ejected from duty.

The match continued. Dragon Lee blasted Harwood with a running knee and powerbomb. Dragon went for the cover. The backup ref slid into the ring, but it was too late for a fair count. Harwood kicked out.

Dralistico leaped for a springboard lungblower to Wheeler then followed on the outside for a moonsault. Inside the ring, Dragon Lee blasted a running knee to Harwood. Dralistico flew in on a springboard swanton. Los Hermanos Lee double stacked on top to pin Harwood. 1, 2, 3, new champions.

After the match, Dragon Lee dropped a bombshell. He publicly announced that he signed with WWE. NXT was kind enough to provide subtitles.

As for the future of the AAA tag titles, Dragon Lee’s departure is not that big a deal in that regard. AAA supported him on this endeavor. They could bring in Rush or Bestia del Ring as a replacement champion. Rush, Dralistico, and Dragon Lee are all brothers, as well as sons of Bestia del Ring.

For FTR, their losing streak continues. The only tag title that remains in their possession is the NJPW IWGP Tag Team Championship, and those will be defended against Hirooki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi at Wrestle Kingdom on January 4 in Tokyo. Don’t be surprised if FTR drops the final set of belts at that show.

It looks as though FTR’s belt collector reign is coming to an end. How does their run stack up with all-time great tag team accomplishments? What was your favorite moment from FTR in that time frame?

The replay of AAA Night of Champions is available through Fite TV for your viewing pleasure.

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