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Raw had its smallest audience ever & still finished in the top 10 on cable

Fans will sometimes speculate WWE has “punted” on an episode of Raw in the face of tough competition (usually from the NFL, which... look at the adjective verb). Monday Night Football wasn’t offering up a killer match-up on Dec. 26, but it was the day after Christmas. And seeing as they already had two lucrative house shows planned for that night, the company gave its production staff the night off and definitely punted with a “Best of” clip show on USA Network.

That means comparisons to the previous Monday are pointless. But it is interesting to compare the latest Raw numbers to a few other things...

With an average hourly audience of 1,075,000 and .27 rating among 18-49 year olds, Raw has its smallest ever audience. It still finished in the top ten of cable originals. The San Diego Chargers win over the Indianapolis Colts on ESPN was #1 on Monday with almost 11 million viewers and a 3.01 in the demo, and everything else between that game and Raw was football-related (college, pro, or the game we Americans call soccer).

And if you’re into the whole “wrestling war” thing, you don’t need me to tell you that what was more or less a rerun of Raw had a bigger audience than most Dynamites have had this year.

At least members of Team AEW can point out that hourly holds were still $#!+ty. It’s easy to imagine folks tuning out once they realized there was little to no new material on the episode:

Hour One: 1.33 million / .34
Hour Two: 1.04 million / .25
Hour Three: 852K / .22

Back to normal next week with a pair of title matches.

Numbers via Showbuzz Daily

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