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Kevin Owens & his son still share ‘a little bond over John Cena’

Kevin Owens and John Cena team-up to to face Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn on SmackDown this Friday (Dec. 30).

It will the first time in 15+ months Cena’s stepped into a WWE ring, and the match does seems to have come together — at least in part — for the reason KO stated on television: to keep Cena’s streak of working at least one match a year going. For Owens, he told TMZ Sports it’s a “full circle” moment, teaming with the man he feuded with upon his arrival to the main roster back in 2015*.

KO’s son Owen was brought up frequently during his program with Cena, since the Face That Used To Run The Place was Owen’s favorite wrestler at the time. Owens says that Owen’s love of wrestling has waned as he’s gone through his teens, but Cena is a name that always brings him back:

“Me and my son will always have a little bond over John Cena. My son, as he was growing up, was a huge John Cena fan. When I signed my WWE contract, I told my son, ‘maybe I’ll get to fight John Cena one day, then I did.’

“He’s still excited that John’s coming around. It’s a cool little thing to share with my son anytime John’s involved. My son likes WWE but is not an avid fan like I was growing up.

“Anytime John comes back around, it piques his [Owen] interest, and now I get to team with him. He saw us fight each other. Now he’s going to get to see me team with him.

“It’s a neat little thing.”

Another neat little thing? KO told Peter Rosenburg on Cheap Heat that the “texting with Cena” bit WWE used to set-up this Friday’s match is legit!

“We text here and there. The text messages... We talk about some silly stuff. ‘Remember when we had this match and this happened,’ stuff like that. We haven’t really discussed the upcoming SmackDown just yet. He’s very excited. The last text I got from him was, ‘I LOVE WRESTLING’ in all caps. Unprompted. I don’t know what he was doing. No idea. I think it was 1 am. I don’t know where he was in the world.”


Is it Friday yet?

* KO telling Cena what he could do with his veteran advice remains one of my favorite moments in wrestling this century.

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