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All the hype you need for Scarlett vs. Emma

Scarlett Bordeaux has been acting as a manager for Karrion Kross for years now, from their run together down in NXT all the way up through getting fired and rehired for multiple runs on the main roster. They’re still together to this day, and the whole time they have been she has been acting in support of him.

Maybe it’s time he does the same for her.

While she’s wrestled outside of WWE, she still hasn’t had a televised match in WWE. That appears to be about to change, and they did one hell of a job starting up the build to that on Friday Night SmackDown this week:

Holy shit!

Emma was pissed about them disrespecting Rey Mysterio but that seemed to be much lesser to her still being upset about how they treated “Riddick” — who I guess is ditching the Madcap Moss moniker and is getting his old name back? — and wanting to get a piece of flesh for herself. In just one 54 second clip, they did a hell of job building hype for a Scarlett vs. Emma singles match and an eventual mixed tag match with the men also getting involved.

I’m in!

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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