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Mike Mansury explains why he left WWE and joined AEW

Mike Mansury is AEW’s new Senior VP and Co-Executive Producer. He spent over a decade working for WWE, where he was viewed as the heir apparent to Kevin Dunn.

In an interview on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Mansury explained why he decided to leave WWE around March 2020. It’s partially due to the realization that his path forward was blocked by Dunn:

“I’d grown tired of hearing we can’t figure out what to do with you until we know what Kevin’s future is. My review was always you’re doing a great job, you’re killing it. But we don’t really know what to do until we get an understanding of what Kevin’s future is.”

“I knew that there was more that I was capable of, but I had already excelled at everything that they had allowed me to do at that point. I was looking for that new challenge. And even if it was something that were outside of the scope of what people would have defined as my potential, it would have been nice to have been able to spread wings a little bit, and take on a new challenge.”

“Once I realized that I was in the lane that I was in, and the path to the destination wasn’t really gonna change or even progress that much, I knew it was time to make a change.”

“I don’t know that I left wrestling feeling fulfilled. I think when I left the WWE, I was burnt out at that point, and I was frustrated.”

He later moved to Singapore to work there for a while, but now he’s back in the pro wrestling world with AEW.

Tony Kahn and Megha Parekh contacted him this summer, and here’s the pitch that drew him back in:

“Megha and Tony, they were pretty inviting right from jump street. Just saying like, hey we have an opportunity here. We feel like the company is at the threshold of that next level and the next iteration of what AEW is, in establishing our identity and everything else in between. They wanted to gauge my interest and seeing if I’d be interested in coming along for the ride.”

Mansury then explained what he hopes to accomplish in AEW, and that very exciting times are ahead in 2023:

“I want to help to build something special, because that’s what AEW is, and that’s what AEW has been since its inception. It’s a special place. And the energy and the vibe is pretty infectious.”

“I’m walking into a production team where some of these folks have been together since WCW. I’m walking in to a well-established team already. I am just hoping to be able to add whatever they feel I can bring to the table, and what I know I can bring to the table. I want to do it get back in there and tell some great stories, and try some new things.”

“There’s so much out there to work with, and everything is just so raw. It’s raw and just waiting for folks to apply the right touches, or to help these men and women figure out what are the pieces that we need to accentuate, and what are the pieces that we need to tweak.”

“This was already in the works before I arrived, but there is a whole new presentation planned for what the show is gonna look like starting next year. There’s a lot of cool stuff on the horizon that just makes this a very exciting time.”

Are you excited to see what Mike Mansury will bring to the table in AEW, Cagesiders?

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