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Lana says Miro will definitely return to WWE

Miro hasn’t appeared on AEW television in months. It sounds like a creative disagreement partially explains his absence, but Miro claims the situation is out of his hands at this point.

His wife CJ Perry (fka Lana in WWE) was recently interviewed by Mike Wennmacher from 92.7 WMAY while promoting The Surreal Life. According to Perry, it is inevitable that Miro will return to WWE. Here is her response to a question on whether or not we will ever see the return of the very popular Rusev Day gimmick:

“Rusev Day will never die, and it’s always gonna be around. The kids are gonna want to sing it, and I’m sure it will make a return in WWE at some point. Rusev, well, whatever he shows back in, whatever frickin’ name or gimmick or character he returns at some point in WWE, is gonna be iconic. That’s the great thing about wrestling is it doesn’t matter what company you work for, what promotion, anything can happen. And let’s be honest, we know that everyone always returns back to WWE at some point.”

Do you think Perry is just stating a general truth about popular pro wrestlers who leave WWE and eventually return, or is there more that can be read between the lines here about Miro’s uncertain future with AEW?

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