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Even WWE’s annual holiday video has a Bray Wyatt/White Rabbit easter egg

Tis the week before Christmas... and that means it’s time for WWE to drop their annual holiday video!

For 2022, they’ve given us a take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Instead of a foggy night, in the WWE version Santa Claus needs help because the reindeer overdosed on egg nog while hanging out in catering during SmackDown. The hottest act in the company gets the starring role, and Sami Zayn offers to recruit some help — with the Tribal Chief’s blessing, of course. Then, Jolly Old Saint Nick (Claus, not Khan) uses holiday magic to make the Honorary Uce’s red hair glow.

Lots of Superstars get involved, with Zayn’s best frenemy Kevin Owens getting the show-stealing line when he asks Santa if helping will get him off the naughty list. And because it was one of their most successful storylines/marketing campaigns of the year, of course there’s a QR Code embedded in the video.

That takes us to this link, and a video where Brock Lesnar runs over a White Rabbit with his tractor. The bunny is then resurrected wearing an Uncle Howdy mask...

Easter eggs aside (wrong season anyway), I’d say this is one of WWE’s better efforts — mostly for Sami, but also because I’m always partial to the animated ones. A step up from last year’s social media gimmick, and definitely better than the 2020 one where Drew McIntyre beat up a COVID snot monster.

Anyway... Happy Holidays!

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