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Matt Riddle thanks supporters amidst rehab reports & other allegations

Since WWE wrote Matt Riddle off television for six weeks, there have been reports he’s getting drug treatment after a pair of positive tests this year. There’s also been a fair amount of questions and speculation about those reports, mostly related to WWE’s Wellness Policy and Riddle’s divorce & custody cases with his ex-wife Lisa.

This week has also seen adult film actress Jordan Maxx tweeting about her relationship with the former United States champion, alleging drug use (and seeming to confirm that he’s in rehab) and infidelity. Another entertainer Riddle had been linked with, Ivy Malibu, shared statements about a failed romance with a “not good person” after she was mentioned in stories & posts about Riddle. And Daniella Petrow, who was with Riddle earlier this year, tweeted videos reiterating past allegations of inappropriate behavior & sexual abuse, and calling on WWE to fire him.

Today (Dec. 21), Riddle sent his own message indirectly responding to Maxx and others who’ve been posting about him, and thanking his supporters. He’s attached a picture with the adult actress he’s currently in a relationship with, Misha Montana. There’s no indication when the photo was taken, but if the 36 year old is taking part in an in-patient treatment program right now, it’s not current.

In 2020, Riddle admitted to cheating on his wife with Candy Cartwright when Cartwright accused him of sexually assaulting her while they were in a consensual relationship — an accusation Riddle denied. Lawsuits Cartwright filed against him, WWE & others over the alleged assault were ultimately dropped. Riddle & his ex were officially divorced earlier this year. WWE’s referenced Riddle’s real-life personal life issues in storyline at least twice during that span of time.

Since announcing his kayfabe injury, WWE’s made no comment on Riddle’s situation.

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