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NXT’s Edris Enofé regrets his new WWE chest tattoo, but not for the reason you think

Edris Enofe’s Twitter

On Monday (Dec. 19), NXT wrestler Edris Enofé tweeted about the new chest tattoo he was about to get. Enofé, who debuted for WWE a little more than a year ago and currently teams with Malik Blade on Tuesday nights, demonstrated some serious loyalty and a tremendous amount of self-confidence by getting the company’s logo inked onto his torso.

Before revealing the final product, the US Navy veteran seemed to be saying he was second guessing his decision...

But in an interview with USA Network after his social media posts about the new tat went viral, he clarified:

“When I said I regretted it, I regretted not getting it sooner.”

He also said he’s getting the NXT logo on his neck for his next birthday.

It’s definitely a choice. The WWE has been a dream for the wrestler from Inglewood, California since he was four years old. Edris isn’t worried about the possibility that dream won’t last forever, telling USA:

“I never had a Plan B in my life.”

As for those clowning him for getting a corporation’s brand put on his body, Enofé points out that he’s not the only wrestler to do, reminding us of a pretty famous example who never caught much flak for his decision:

We won’t see it on television until NXT returns to live shows in a couple weeks (Jan. 3, to be exact), but Enofé offered a peak on Twitter.

Whatever you think of him getting it done, looks like Edris’ artist did good work. And to whatever extent a wrestler’s job is to get people to pay attention to them and the promotion they wrestle for, it’s good work by Enofé, too.

We’ll see if he actually does end up regretting it down the line.

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