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Please give us The Hurt Business reunion (and expansion?) teased on Raw

Ever since they were disbanded (something that happened twice, but for the sake of this conversation, we’ll just say the time earlier this year when Bobby Lashley broke them up by uttering the words, “There is no more Hurt Business”) fans have wanted The Hurt Business to get back together (again, for good, not just the three month reunion that started in September of 2021). The All Mighty’s even promised us it will happen someday!

Now I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but mine are already, so...

MVP planted a seed on the Dec. 19 Raw when he approached kayfabe authority figure Adam Pearce and asked to speak about the fired/not fired Lashley, who Pearce is trying to get in touch with to set up a meeting to discuss how they’ll work together going forward after last week’s firing & unfiring.


Fantasy booking the return of Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin to the fold is a little trickier, but they were victims of The Bloodline’s reign of terror last night. That should give them plenty of incentives to get the band back together.

And, at least according to the galaxy brain interpretation of Raw, others attacked by Rikishi’s boys & their pal Sami might want to join the strength in numbers movement against The Tribal Chief’s outfit that announcers have already hinted at. Plus, I can’t be the only one who thinks the idea of Dolph Ziggler in The Hurt Business sounds pretty dope.

WWE’s YouTube

There are storytelling hurdles, of course. The biggest being that MVP betrayed Big Bob when he threw in with Omos.

But that’s manageable. It’s pro wrestling... Lashley will understand. And I think enough fans agree that there’s a lot of unrealized potential with The Hurt Business, and are therefore unlikely to take a magnifying glass to whatever means Triple H & team might use to bring them back together.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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