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The legend of Hacksaw Jim Duggan grows

2019 Wizard World Philadelphia Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Beloved pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer? Check. Heart surgery and cancer survivor? Check and check.

Now we can add “certified badass, and gun owner who understands appropriate use of force” to the list of Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s accolades.

Wrestling Inc had the story of Duggan dealing with an intruder who busted through the front door of Hacksaw’s South Carolina home on Dec. 8. The 68 year old took down the much younger man (he’s believed to have been in his mid-20s), then used the threat of his .44 to keep him in the house until the authorities shows up:

Duggan and his wife, Debra, noted that after the man entered, they heard other people yelling in their neighborhood. Duggan, concerned that more people might be headed his way, had his Christmas lights turned off and told the intruder to be quiet. The intruder, who the Duggans described as hysterically frightened, claimed that people from a nearby home were coming after him to kill him, after which Duggan kept his gun on his lap and his hand on the intruder’s back until the police arrived.

According to Duggan, the intruder was fleeing individuals related to a separate legal matter, leading him to seek refuge; the intruder reportedly pounded on multiple other doors before climbing over the Duggans’ fence and entering through their unlocked door. Duggan did not press charges when asked, letting the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department apprehend the intruder.

Wild stuff, well-handled by Hacksaw.

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