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These Undertaker pics are so great we almost don’t want context

At the end of last week, this picture began making the rounds — usually with some iteration of “dafug?” We bring you this version, as their originality here is just one of the reasons we dig Public Enemies:

We know you recognize the person on the far right (no pun intended?), but in case you need help with some of the others, in this pic Mark “Undertaker” Calaway is with — from shortest to tallest — The Rock’s buddy Kevin Hart, actor & rapper Ludacris, and basketball legends Lisa Leslie & Julius Erving.

Not weird enough for ya? Well, when we add Tony Hawk to the mix, your chances of understanding what in the blue hell is happening will drastic go down.

I’ve spent the morning searching the interwebs for more information about why this collection of human celebrities were together, and have come up empty. If you have answers, please share them below.

Because of what’s in the background of the interior shots, I was thinking it might be some kind of holiday party (there seem to be decorations and maybe a tiered cookie tray there if you scroll through Hawk’s post), likely in a Hart-affiliated home or office (not sure how many other folks would have a wall of Kevin Hart pop art).

The trailers from Tony’s solo shot with Taker got me thinking this was some sort of TV or film production, however. It’s not as funny as thinking he misread the invitation to Kev’s Christmas shindig, but would that explain why the Dead Man showed up in costume. It also led to what will be my final answer for the “why?” of it all... they’re probably filming a Super Bowl commercial.

But that’s not as exciting the myriad other reasons folks have come up with this odd gathering of the famous. So give us your explanation in the comments below.

Oh, one thing my googling did turn up? If you’re like me and the sight of THE skateboard icon with a cane f-ed you up a bit... Tony doesn’t want us to fret:

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