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Dominik Mysterio is still selling Asuka’s mist attack from Raw

On Raw last Monday (Dec. 12), Asuka spewed her mist in Dominik Mysterio’s face*.

The WWE Women’s Grand Slam champion has repeatedly had issues with Dom while beefing with his Mami** Rhea Ripley, and the mist was just one of the ways that latest loss continued to tease Asuka’s slow slide into possible Murder Clown-dom.

Dominik sold the attack in a video shot backstage later in the show, as trainer tried to flush his eyes and Mysterio’s teammate Damian Priest tried to cheer him by telling him, “something else could burn worse.”**

Good stuff, but The Judgement Day wasn’t done yet. WWE’s Instagram brought us clips from the group’s mixed trios match with The OC from the house show in Rochester, Minnesota yesterday (Dec. 18) that tell us two things:

  1. Finn Bálor’s is closer to turning into a member of the Third Street Saints than he is The Demon at this point.
  2. Dom is still blind!

Fantastic. Who knew Dom was the missing piece in The Judgement Day puzzle?

* To answer Sterling Archer’s eternal question: no, we’re not doing phrasing anymore when it comes to anything related to Dom or Rhea, since almost everything they do can be interpreted sexually/turned into a sex joke.
** Told ya.

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