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Matt Cardona wants to return to WWE, at some point


It was just one month ago that Matt Cardona was leaning into rumors that he could be on the verge of a return to WWE. As the rumor has it, Triple H has been impressed with how much work the artist formerly known as Zack Ryder put in to get himself over in multiple promotions, from GCW to NWA to Impact Wrestling.

Now, he’s straight out saying he does indeed want to go back.

As he told Chris Van Vliet on “Insight” (via PW Insider):

“And I’ll put it out there, one goal that I’ve been saying for a long time is to win that WWE championship. That’s not a lie. I’d be lying to you right now if... Listen, when I got released, the goal was not to get back to WWE. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh what can I do to make them notice me? What can I do to get back to WWE?’ You can’t think like that. I certainly can’t. But I would be lying if I said I never want to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again or I never want to have a WrestleMania match. Of course I do, because WWE is number one. So I’m not saying, you know, there’s this plan to go back as soon as possible but before I hang up the boots I’d love to go back at least one time. For sure.”

There have been other discussions within WWE that have apparently taken place related to a new show with E! on pro wrestling couples and rumors suggest Cardona and his girlfriend, Chelsea Green, have come up in that regard. They would have to sign with WWE for that to turn into something.

Hey, why not?

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