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Snoop Dogg lost his golden WWE title

Snoop Dogg went out on tour and brought his specially made golden WWE championship title belt with him. Disaster ensued, however, when he lost it and now desperately wants it back:

It’s pro wrestling, so you always have to wonder if this is some kind of an angle to help start building up interest in the show. This sure makes it sound like Snoop will, if nothing else, be involved in some way. That was always to be expected, considering the big focus of the event is its connection to Hollywood.

WWE is trying to help him out:

It shouldn’t be hard to spot, that’s for sure!

And, hey, this surely won’t stop any speculation surrounding Sasha Banks, considering her connection to both Snoop and WWE. Not that this would be any kind of indication of anything, what with her already being scheduled to head off to New Japan for Wrestle Kingdom 17 but there are already rumors of her returning to the promotion at some point.

Just saying.

Anyway, if you see Snoop’s title, say something!

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