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Why is a hoodie-d Xia Li helping Damage CTRL retain the Tag titles?

IYO SKY & Dakota Kai retained their WWE Women’s Tag Team championship on SmackDown last night (Dec. 16), but they didn’t do it alone. They got an assist from “someone in a hoodie”. This mystery person kicked Tegan Nox in the head while she was dealing with Kai & SKY’s teammate Bayley, setting Nox up for an IYO moonsault that allowed Damage CTRL to retain their titles over Liv Morgan & Tegan.

Those security guys barely had a chance to rush the hoodie-d one out of the arena before internet sleuths figured out who it was (apparently they recognized the shoes from an Instagram Story posted earlier in the day). But WWE un-hoodie-d the attacker themselves online moments later, then mentioned later in the broadcast. It was Xia Li!

We still don’t know why Li joined the ranks of occasional Damage CTRL allies. Is she still upset at Liv over something that happened in the #1 contender Six Pack Challenge they took part in last month?

Less important, but we have to ask: Is everyone who jumps out of the crowd taken to kayfabe authority figure Adam Pearce?

Anyway... this was an odd way to present this, but it’s not likely to be a main event angle. Triple H & team seem to be putting in a little more effort to introduce Nox than they have some of the other talent they’ve brought back, and dealing with an angry Xia should be a decent lower midcard feud through which they can continue to sell the Welshwoman to main roster audiences.

If the impression Li is working with Bayley helps her, as well? That’s great, too!

That’s my read on this, at least. Now give us yours.

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