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Bayley & Becky’s second-ever main roster singles match booked for Raw

Becky Lynch’s Facebook

Initially, I was going to go with something snarky like “Bayley to lose another match this Monday” for a post on the match WWE booked between Bayley and Becky Lynch for the Dec. 19 edition of Raw.

But then I was recapping the current program between these two NXT Horsewomen— which has seen Bayley return from injury at SummerSlam to debut her Damage CTRL faction while confronting Bianca Belair, facilitating Lynch’s face turn just as she exited with an injury of her own, which she then returned from to team with The EST & friends at Survivor Series and beat Damage CTRL & others in WarGames, leading to Bayley & Becky costing each other shots at Belair — and hit up Cagematch to confirm this was their first singles match in this feud.

That wonderful site told me that not only have The Role Model & The Man not gone one-on-one this year, they’ve only EVER had one singles match on the main roster. That took place on April 30, 2019, back when Bay was still a side-ponytailed Hugger and Becky had two belts... one of which Charlotte Flair was about to take from her.

So while maybe Monday night’s showdown could have gotten a little more hype, or happened on a bigger stage, at least there’s more going on between them now than there was for that first-ever main roster clash. And while I still think a Bayley loss is a definite possibility, a more likely outcomes is some sort of schmoz where nobody wins and the rivalry continues until at least Royal Rumble.

Let us know how you think this will play out, on a card that will also feature Dexter Lumis & The Miz in a ladder match for two bags of Scrooge McDuck’s The A-Lister’s money.

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