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Uncle Howdy has falsely imprisoned LA Knight!

Just a short time ago, a Tik Tok account named “_comewithme” posted the following, which WWE helpfully put on its Twitter account, despite what is contained within the video:

That is indeed LA Knight, clearly bound and gagged, wearing the same mask we’ve seen in recent videos related to Bray Wyatt, a man he just so happens to be involved in a feud with, who also just so happens to have been attacking him as a measure of revenge for Knight slapping him in the face. At the end, the camera turns to show Uncle Howdy, who has also been shown in videos trying to convince Wyatt to give in and just be the evil man he knows him to be.

Those coordinates do indeed lead you straight to the Allstate Arena just outside of Chicago, Illinois, where this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown is taking place.

Stay tuned.

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