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Bray Wyatt theme song finally released

If you’re anything like me, when Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE one of the first things you did after the fact was take to YouTube to search for that badass theme song he came out to. Even knowing it was called “Shatter” and was done by Code Orange, you inevitably ran into the same issue I did.

It wasn’t there.

It took a number of minutes for accounts across the site to start uploading audio only versions of the video WWE released that featured the song being played. The problem there? That included the live crowd response. That’s without mentioning the hugely diminished quality of the audio itself, for all the obvious reasons.

That was all the way back on Oct. 8. Periodically, I would check in on the WWE Music page, and inevitably I would be disappointed. I would do another search and run into the same issue as that first night — folks promising the best audio quality possible, but it still wasn’t the original file.

Finally, earlier today, I didn’t even have to go looking. A simple visit to my subscriptions homepage yielded the result I had been searching months for.


Damn, that sounds good.

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