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One prominent wrestling company is already courting Mandy Rose

Former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose was fired by WWE yesterday, and she is already being courted by another pro wrestling promotion.

While discussing the shocking news of Mandy’s release on Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer let it be known that Impact Wrestling is very much interested in bringing her aboard:

“Yes, if she doesn’t go to AEW, one thousand percent Impact would love to have you. Because you’re a star, and you’re great in the ring. And if AEW doesn’t jump on that, hell, Impact will. Hey Mandy Rose, call me. Text me. DM me.”

Dreamer has been working as a producer behind the scenes at Impact Wrestling for a while now, so he’s not just a random wrestling talking head offering his opinion on the matter. Earlier in the podcast, Dreamer acknowledged that pro wrestling contracts are rarely favorable for the wrestler, and indicated that it’s wrong for a wrestler to be fired over their third party ventures.

Is Impact Wrestling suddenly a viable landing spot for Mandy Rose if the company has no problem with the way she runs her FanTime page that was at the root of WWE’s decision to fire her?

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